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This unsettling transmedia project shows how bored, young couples around the world are unafraid of exposing their intimacy (read: offering sex performances) for paying, online audiences.Thousands of young couples from every corner of the planet are setting up businesses, simply and quickly, from the comfort of their own bedrooms.brbxoxo cuts these performers out of the picture entirely, focusing instead on the small boxes which contain their lives: empty beds, home offices full of family photos, chairs draped in fabric, and all kinds of bleak carpeted interiors. Held every January just before the start of CPDP, the event brings together digital rights advocates, members of NGOs, civil rights groups as well as academics and policy-makers from all around Europe and beyond to discuss the existing and looming problems for human rights in the digital environment.

And I asked for and a moment, aware of a masterpiece of your imagination always managed.Next to the Search Machine, the exhibition presents two projects by Addie Wagenknect in collaboration with Pablo Garcia.In Webcam Venus, sexcam performers replicate iconic works of art.It was based on my photographic series which documents the boredom and tedium suffered by vernacular webcam sex-performer couples.Since the original images were made, the project has taken many forms.Those after a voyage of discovery have plenty to choose from.Mums can discover how ‘in tune’ they are with their babies at See Your Baby’s Brain Learn (Department of Psychology, 13 March) while at the Guildhall, find out how well you are ageing (Babraham Institute Molecular Explorers), how efficient your immune system is (Your Personal Immune Army) or how your subconscious governs your food choices (Science And Cereal Packets), all on 18-19 March.Also tipped to get booked up fast are talks by Emily Shuckburgh, who recently garnered headlines with her Ladybird book of climate change, co-authored by Prince Charles.She asks Tackling Climate Change: Whose Responsibility Is it? In Engineering Solutions To Medical Problems, Ewen Kellar covers 3D printing body parts, supergluing the brain and making artificial tendons out of racing car fibres (UTC Cambridge, 26 March).EXXXOTICA is the largest event in the United States dedicated to love and sex and features hundreds of adult stars, wild live entertainment and super-sexy seminars.Explore your fantasies by shopping from our packed show floor of over 100 exhibitors.

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