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As Spehro notes in the comments there are a number of ways to find which registers are associated with a port.

The easiest is TABLE 4-2: SUMMARY OF REGISTERS ASSOCIATED WITH PORTA, which looks like this: This table becomes even more useful on large devices that have lots of functions such as extended analog features or capture and compare.

if its similar to an AVR, you'll need to tell its directional register that the button pin is an input.

then you'll be able to read its input regsiter.

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A value of is likely to make your code work (but see other answers about debouncing).

Various other combinations of values are available in the table for REGISTER 11-2: This type of configuration is common on the smaller 12F and 16F devices, which lack the ability to individually select analogue or digital per-pin.

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#pragma config FOSC = HS // Oscillator Selection bits (XT oscillator) #pragma config WDTE = OFF // Watchdog Timer Enable bit (WDT disabled) #pragma config PWRTE = OFF // Power-up Timer Enable bit (PWRT enabled) #pragma config CP = OFF // FLASH Program Memory Code Protection bit (Code protection off) #pragma config BOREN = OFF int main() Whats going wrong(Something similar would work for Atmel AVR)? I can confirm the switch works, and so does the LED as I have tested these parts of the olimex board individually and independently without the PIC chip in the board..

EDIT: I've tried the answers supplied still to no avail. I'm not a PIC guy, more AVR although I don't see a command telling the PIC that RA5 is an input.

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