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But those of us who search for clues to a piece's age and origin are always delighted to find a hallmark on a jewel, because it eliminates a great deal of guesswork.Learning how to identify hallmarks is an essential part of becoming an expert in the field.

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To look up a maker’s mark, use the Alphabetical Listing by Maker’s Name by clicking a letter.

This project has been 15 years in the making and now documents over 12,000 silver marks on 1,200 pages and subpages.

It is regularly updated as we find and photograph new examples of silver hallmarks and makers' marks.

There is a common misunderstanding about what a hallmark really is. A hallmark is nothing more than an indication of metal content, a guarantee of purity or quality, which may include a makers mark and other marks. Hallmarks are most often found on precious metal objects.

Jewelry is exempted from hallmarking under certain circumstances.

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A silver object that is to be sold commercially is, in most countries, stamped with one or more silver hallmarks indicating the purity of the silver, the mark of the manufacturer or silversmith, and other (optional) markings to indicate date of manufacture and additional information about the piece.

In some countries, the testing of silver objects and marking of purity is controlled by a national assayer's office.

Silver jewelry marks can also include the region or town where the piece was made and/or dateletters to indicate the year when the piece was made.

American silver jewelry marks are fairly simple, usually including a purity mark, and sometimes a maker’s mark.

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