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In 4 of the last five states I've lived in, NONE of the above was required -- including ANY "registration" of any kind, even for handguns. Factually stating that they cannot own/possess or sell the guns, without the weapons being registered and the owner being licensed, in most states? Personally, I'd start with a call to the local gun shop or sporting goods store to ask a few questions, ask a local firearms instructor, or a have a several-hour Google-fest online, before I'd call the local police and start blindly asking whether I was in violation of any laws.I can understand how a person who lives in a state where some/all of this is required might think that the law is the same everywhere, but I am happy to say this is NOT the case; and to tell folks otherwise is a bit irresponsible, in my view.

I would love to hear some of the stories it certainly has to tell! I ask because as a ' Proby' cop during that period of time, they were given the choice of a .38 Colt or a .38 S&W 4" Hvy Duty Model 10-6 to buy.

Dad told me that the cop he bought it from had bought it from another cop who was retiring during his rookie year. I'm wondering what the hard chrome does to the value - but I'm guessing you're not even considering selling it so that's not important. On the length of the barrel is this "Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass USA Patented Feb 6.06, Sept 14.09 Dec 29.14" There is a web site called THE HIGHROAD. I'd think it has more value to you than to anyone else, but the history of that gun is pretty cool.

This happened in 1965, my Dad's first year on the job. The thing could be from 1925 (if the first retiring cop bought it when he went on the job)-1945 (if he got it just before retiring) guesstimating from the first known purchaser... Combat Handguns actually has a short explanation of this) which puts it as "old" for sure. Any gun with a serial number and they'll tell you when it was made and how it left the factory. My Dad had told me that cops could buy the pistols from the NYPD buy having a few dollars taken out of their paycheck every month.

Cartridge ejector; rounded front site; square butt; and smooth walnut grips. Any info regarding mfg date and what the G H D stands for would be greatly appreciated.

Stamped on top of barrel "SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD, MASS, USA" Second line on barrel "PATENTED FEB.8.06 SEPT.14.09 DEC.20.14" On left of barrel "SMITH & WESSON" On right side of barrel ".38 S & W SPECIAL CTG" On left side above the cylinder on the bevel of the frame is stamped "X U. PROPERTY G H D." (the "X" is a symbol, or an 8 as its difficult to tell for sure).

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Many people have questions about how to identify a S&W revolver and when was it made. Name Caliber Frame .22 Hand Ejector Ladysmith 22 Long M .22/32 Target 22 Long Rifle I .22 Outdoorsman 22 Long Rifle K .32 Hand Ejector (round Butt) 32 S&W Long I .32 Regulation Police (Square Butt) 32 S&W Long I .32-20 Hand Ejector 32-20 Win.

t=356710 It has a lot of info that might be of interest to many of you.

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