Dating only on weekends


Hearing her talk about how fun this trip was left an imprint on my mind and made me realize I should probably be shaking things up from the usual dinner-and-a-movie script.

A few years later, I was G-chatting with a guy I had only been on four dates with but really liked.

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I’ve been dating my current girlfriend just over 8 months now.It's even affected our intimacy when we actually do get to see each other.When she first started I was still coming over a few nights a week when she got out of school, she started to be distant and it seemed like she didn't even really want me around that much..went round and round for abouto a month trying to determine what was going on.From playing the "I don't know" game to saying its me over worrying to admitting maybe she has trouble balancing school, part time work, me and her daughter... -"I don't what's better, gettin paid or gettin laid, but as long as I'm gettin one the others gettin away" -"Please all and you will please none" -"Pain is weakness escaping the body." -"Motivation gets you started, dedication keeps you going" Xbox Live G. "Brah UMad BRAH" -Team Scivation Don't complain (Serious!I feel like i'm getting the short end of the stick but dont be to come off as selfish... ) Enjoy your freedom and space, you can do whatever the **** you want 5-6 days of the week, see your buddies at least once at the weekend for a full day / night AND you still get laid!Years ago, a former coworker who was pretty by-the-book about relationships confessed to me that she and her (now-husband) took an impromptu trip to a tropical island just a few weeks into dating.I couldn't believe she would take that kind of chance, and yet, she was so excited retelling the story. The most interesting thing done lately is see my boyfriend's grandmother perform in a local opera.He’s a relationship guy, but I wonder if it’s less about me and more about him missing being in a relationship.He may view me as temporary comfort, or as his future – but I have no idea!!So, as we come closer to the year mark, I suppose we will start getting closer to actually looking towards long term commitment.We’re not too young (35 & 31) and I know that I do not want to wait as long as I did with my ex prior to moving to the next stage (whether that be living together/getting engaged etc.) She is currently looking to buy a house on her own.

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