Dating daisy bb pistols

The shot tube has the wrong little bb keeper wire and the trigger is hard to pull. This bb gun is played with and has some scrapes and scratches. The plastic stock is worth more than my asking price but I hate to part bb guns out *Daisy BB Gun #23 --- WW 11 Lazy dog bomb "non explosive" The bomb measures only 1 3/4 inches.

Cocks and fires but needs work Daisy model 155 made in Plymouth Mi. The bb gun is nice and shoots well but the shot tube will not screw out. It is missing the rear sight riser and the door to load bb's in the barrel is out but included. It is my understanding that these were dropped from planes and they could penetrate a helmet or they were dropped over land mine fields. Baily and Columbian air Rifles, This is a very good copy *2. This is a paperback with tons of color pictures of toys that shot something, This book looks new. Its a Daisy, The story of Daisy Airguns.*Daisy BB Gun #36--- This is a 4 page booklet that Daisy had printed and it appeared in the Sept. It takes you thru the steps the the Army used to teach solders "Quick Kill" shooting using Daisy bb guns. This is original not a copy Daisy cork ball bullet target with 50 cork ball paper targets made in Plymouth Mi.

Another low production bb gun that just everyone does not have one like it. The metal is very smooth and shows no rust but has 3 small dents. This is a very nice bb gun and it shoots good It was used in youth competition by the Jay Cees The name Hill is burnt into the stock and is too deep to sand out.

The wood stock is not cracked but the neddle in the compass does not turn freely. If your name is Hill then this is the bb gun for you -- Daisy model 1938B Red Ryder.

On January 26, 1895 the board of directors officially voted to change the name of the company to Daisy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The 1930's brought international fame to Daisy with the introduction of signature guns which were endorsed by famous Hollywood and comic strip stars, such as Buck Rogers, Buck Jones, Buzz Barton and, in 1940, Red Ryder.

Daisy was started in 1882 as Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in Plymouth, Michigan.With the popularity of the air guns, they began producing them for sale.In the 21st century, Daisy is known as a company that makes and sells entry and novice level BB guns and other air guns.Daisy Outdoor Products (known primarily as Daisy) was formed in 1888 to manufacture windmills.As a sales promotion, they started providing air guns with the purchase of each windmill.Daisy is one of the oldest and largest airgun manufacturers in the world, and for more than a century has produced some of the most coveted air rifles of all time.Vintage Daisy air rifles from the late 1880s can command prices up to ,000.Has Limited Edition Red Ryder in gold on the receiver and a Ducks unlimited coin in the stock. The box is nice but there are a few water stains in it.It is my understanding that you had to be at one of the Ducks Unlimited conventions to get one of these bb guns.Daisy has manufactured guns of various types for over 100 years.When the company began operations in Plymouth, Michigan, circa 1882, they were known as the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company.

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