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Bear Archery is all about strength, durability and performance.Bear focuses on making hunting bows that will withstand brutal weather conditions and hard hunting while living up to the reputation of company namesake Fred Bear.

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For its time it was a powerful bow that impressed with its IBO rating of over 300 fps.

Don’t get on your high horse yet, firearm lovers…though traditional bow hunters shouldn’t saddle up just yet either.

While each has its own strength, they also have weaknesses when comparing real world use, especially in a post-event situation when our access to ammo or arrows and ability to repair guns or complex crossbows might be restricted.

Thanks to the different modules that came with the bow it was possible to alter the draw length range into short, medium and long draws, as well as the draw weights.

These ranges are supplied below as part of the bow specifications.

It is serious business at Bear as the company works to match the intensity of its customers.

A product of that focus is the 2015 Arena 34, which is a longer axle-to-axle bow with notable speed.

We have compiled a range of archery kits to help make buying a bow easier.

Some are pre-packed kits as supplied to us from the manufacturer.

It’s been an ongoing debate between survivalists dating back almost as far as firearms themselves. So scroll down and learn what they are and choose which one will fit you best.

Most survivalists are very loyal to their survival weapons.

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