Dating antique coffee mills

Many manufacturers, including American Bisque of West Virginia, produced countless jars in the shapes of animals.

Pigs were especially popular—American Bisque is known for its “paws in pockets” jars.

His design, the ‘coffee taster’, is inspired by the coffee’s Ethiopian origin, is welcomed by Austin and R. A life-size statue is still present at the Hills Bros.

Collectible kitchen items span a wide range of objects, from teakettles and toasters to skillets and stoves.

Not all box grinders were square, but finding a round one, especially in cast iron, can be a challenge for a collector.

In England, Kenrick & Sons was a major maker of box coffee grinders—the oval brass nameplate on the front of Kenrick box grinders makes them easy to identify. And in France, Peugeot Frères made metal and cast-iron box grinders with wooden handles.

Mc Coy’s first figural cookie jar was Mammy with Cauliflower (Blackamoor figures were associated with good eating during the ’30s).

Other Mammy jars featured large women whose equally spacious dresses formed the bases of the jars.

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There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, except, perhaps, a good coffee cup.Aside from their aesthetic appeal, many of these items are still usable, which makes them both functional to use and fun to own.Few kitchen items are as cheerful and welcoming as a cookie jar.At once functional and stylish, this compact grinder features a timeless and practical design.Operated by a handle connected to the cutting mechanism, this mill makes it possible to place freshly ground herbs directly inside the grinder.Combining aluminium and wood, the mills are further distinguished by their ceramic bases.In celebration of the legendary manual Peugeot coffee grinder, this concept herb grinder has been designed to grind all types of fresh herbs.Drawing on this long tradition, the Peugeot Design Lab has redesigned these three mills and grinders.The designers have taken antique collector's mills and given them a modern twist with styling that uses new materials.These two concept mills are distinguished not only unique in their, which is clearly inspired by Peugeot's signature lines, but also in the innovative way in which they are used.Traditionally held vertically, these mills are used in a horizontal position, where the receptacle enables the user to measure out the exact amount of salt or pepper.

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