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And while waiter Plucky deals with an order for “duck a l’orange,” his other toonster friends solve mysteries, battle beasts, rock out in music videos, roll back to prehistoric hysteria ,and so much more. Popular's Rules Of Cool," Plucky and Hamton compete in a parody of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in "Slugfest" and Max hunts a street-smart deer in "Venison Anyone?The former was actually animated by AKOM (miscredited to Wang), and the latter was mostly animated by Kennedy Cartoons After watching carefully the different styles.Following up on last July's release of the first volume, Warner Home Video has announced that Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 1, Volume 2 will arrive on DVD this coming April 21st.

Popular's Rules of Cool 49 1-49 W-143 12/Dec/90 Fairy Tales for the 90's 50 1-50 KC-144 14/Dec/90 Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?Wang have expanded there studio not only in Taiwan but also in Mainland China, Thailand Indonesia.TTA EPISODE LIST: LOOKING OUT FOR THE LITTLE GUY STARTING FROM SCRATCH HARE RAISING NIGH THE ACME ACRES ZONE ROCK 'N ROAR PROM-ISE HER ANYTHING YOU ASKED FOR IT CITIZEN MAX WAKE UP CALL OF THE WILD EUROPE IN 30 MINUTES SAWDUST AND TOONSIL SPRING IN ACME ACRES CAREER OPPORTUNITIES DATING, ACME ACRES STYLE ASK MR. POPULAR'S RULES OF COOL FAIRY TALES FOR THE 90'S THE RETURN TO THE ACME ACRES ZONE VIEWER MAIL DAY NEW CHARACTER DAY HERE'S HAMTON NO TOON IS AN ISLAND K-ACME TV GOING PLACES NEW CLASS DAY FLEA FOR YOUR LIFE BUSTER'S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT TOON TV WEEKDAY AFTERNOON LIVE BEST OF BUSTER DAYSomehow, I like Wang Film Productions on "Tiny Toons" and "Animaniacs". The Boy In The Orange Hat Is Actually Danny Bonaduce. We Wanted Carl Sagan To Do The Wraparounds, But He Snubbed Us. 171: HOG WILD HAMTON Disclaimer – The Humor In Today’s Show Does Not Represent Anything That Was Ever Found In Any Way Funny By Anyone Who Ever Lived. We Will Pray Silently For The Episode That Just Died. Since 1978, Wang Film Productions has been breathing magic into animated cartoon characters Each year they produce More than 200 episodes for Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera, Lucas Film, Warner Brothers, MGM and many other reputable clients around the World.The continuing of received orders has ensured there Production Capabilities.The 4-disc set will cost .98 SRP, and contain the 30 cartoons listed below (the remainder of the first season). POPULAR’S RULES OF COOL Toy Collector – John Dymer 161: THE ACME HOME SHOPPING SHOW “Miss Personality” – Kirstyn Smithen 162: VIEWER MAIL DAY Thanks To Our Loyal Viewers – Both Of You 163: TINY TOON MUSIC TELEVISION Instanbul [sic] – Not Constantinople 164: NEW CHARACTER DAY Special Thanks to Martin Scott, Teddy Wainwright 165: K-ACME TV This Is Episode Number 65 – Just In Case You’re Counting 166: PLAYTIME TOONS Congratulations! POPULAR Brooklyn Dodger Fan – Mike Fontanelli 142: EUROPE IN 30 MINUTES Travel Arrangements by the Wackyland Tourist Board 143: FAIRY TALES FOR THE 90’s The End Credits – Just Keep Going and Going and Going … Comedy in the Wrong Hands – A Dangerous Weapon 145: ANIMANIACS! “Cub For Grub” Becomes Funny When You Watch It Backwards. 140: A QUACK IN THE QUARKS Secret of Quality Animation – Lotsa Shadows 141: ASK MR. 169: ELEPHANT ISSUES Today’s Lesson – Reading Ir Berry Impertant 170: TOON PHYSICS Top 5 “Toon Physics” Facts: 5. 174: HENNY YOUNGMAN DAY Top Four Henny Youngman “Savers”: 4.

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