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I did only minor adjustments to it per customer request, but it will need overhauling in the future as there are worn pivot holes.

There are lots of these clocks around, and I am showing this one because it has a […] Read More This electric Seth Thomas mantel clock strikes the hour and half hour on 2 chime rods.

The date code 4881 C (March 1884) is on the back of the case.

The mahogany veneer case is 16 5/16 inches tall and 10 9/16 inches […] Read More Here is a Seth Thomas antique oak “kitchen” clock that came into my shop.

[…] Read More This clock looks like a normal Seth Thomas chiming tambour clock. 1”, the first in a series of clocks in oak cases with metal trim.

But the chime rods are tuned differently than Westminster chime rods, producing what Seth Thomas called “Bugle” chime. The case is 22 3/4 inches tall and 14 15/16 inches wide.

Here is a nice, original example of a Seth Thomas “Round Band” shelf clock.

Seth Thomas made this model for many years, and the 1863 catalog shows it.

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Seth's blend of quality and impressive design has made it the industry's marquee for trend-setting style.Seth Thomas may not have been the most important man when it comes to clock innovations and design but Seth Thomas was one of, what we might consider, the founding fathers of the clock manufacturing boom that occurred in the United States in the early 1800’s.In 1865 Seth Thomas’s Sons & Company was formed as a joint stock corporation, to manufacture high grade pendulum movements and French imitation movements.Information and History and Heritage of Seth Thomas The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, and the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813.As the longest established clock maker in the United States (nearly 200 years), Seth Thomas is recognized as one of the most respected brands of clocks in the world.Some people will see a clock at an antique store that would look good in a certain room of their house, and end up with it that way.However you might end up with your special clock, you probably would like to identify, date and generally learn more about it. You can post your clock here for other visitors to see.Seth Thomas Clocks The Seth Thomas company is closed and is no longer in operations and no parts or specific information is available to us to share.We do not have any parts or information on any specific Seth Thomas clock over 5 years old.About 1862, the firm purchased the patent rights of Wait T.Huntington and Harvey Platts of Ithaca, New York and added a perpetual calendar clock to their line.

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