Dating a meat eater

Psychologist Dr Kay Sheehan from Denver, Colorado, says, Women are usually more aware of their emotions, including compassion. So can you explain vegetarianism to your man and convert him?

I made the choice for health reasons two years ago so couldn't really be judgmental about someone tucking into a Big Mac in front of me when I was guilty of doing the same for years.Sean Mc Elherron, former Youth Education Manger, puts it down largely to cultural programming.In general, girls are more compassionate than boys.And, a couple of months ago, when I asked my guy what he did to make a batch of oatmeal so delicious, he jokingly replied, “bacon grease.” But we’re several years into this and we’ve established that base of mutual respect.If we do decide to go there occasionally with one another, it’s generally pretty safe.Invalid Article An error occured while attempting to access the requested article and we could not find the page you are looking for. You may use the back button to return to previous page.Please contact the adminstrator with the URL you were trying to access if you came form a Veg page.Honestly, I pretty much think meat and seafood are disgusting. We silently acknowledge our differences, we move past it, and we move on, together. I don’t give him grief over eating meat, and he doesn’t lasciviously wave bacon in front of my face.Okay, okay, I admit that during a weak moment, I did recently text “poor little lamby” when my guy requested I bring home a gyro from our favorite Greek restaurant.We've complied a list of restaurants that are not only great for carnivores but also great for vegetarians.· Updating The Eater Heatmap, May 2014 [EDen]· Five best vegetarian restaurants in Denver [Cafe Society]· Denver's Ten Best Hidden Restaurant Patios [EDen] This restaurant is known for its versatility with vegetarian and non vegetarian offerings.

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