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He’s smashed up the odd hotel room (well, was forced to pay £480 after a friend threw a mug through a window).He’s shut down the Brixton Electric after a gig got out of control.He’s severely dyslexic and struggled at school (‘I got denied a job at Mc Donald’s, Co-op and Tesco; my GCSEs weren’t good enough’) but has been writing songs since he was 11.Damon Albarn has claimed that he found using heroin “initially very agreeable” and described his history of drug abuse as “part of me growing up”. ” “But I don't totally see it as a mistake,” he continued. But as positive as he appears to be about the drug’s creative uses in this week's issue, Albarn has been extremely vocal about the dangers of addiction in the past.“It's a cruel, cruel thing,” he said.Other anagrams include Abandon Marl, Banal Random, Anal Mad Born and Ban Damn Oral. It’s also the second song on Blur’s self-titled album, the second single from that album to be released, and the second song on their greatest hits collection, ‘Blur: The Best Of’. Damon’s radically beset anti-war stance stems from the strong relationship he shared with his grandfather.Grandpa Albarn was one of the many soldiers imprisoned as a conscientious objector during World War II. Damon Albarn and Dan Nakamura sampled the theme for Gorillaz’ ‘Rock The House’ from the 1966 film Modesty Blaise.

Blur was one of the names on a long list of choices that they finally decided on. The line was plucked from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, where Eastwood refers to a saddlebag full of gold as sunshine in a bag. Albarn’s regular alias, Dan Abnormal, is actually an anagram of his name, used most famously in the title of a song on ‘The Great Escape’. ‘Song 2’ is not only two minutes and two seconds long.

I was 10, and I cried for two days.’ Whatever, his name’s everywhere this year, from the BBC’s Sound of 2016 longlist to the stages of Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds this summer. In fact, for four months he’s been crashing in Albarn’s west-London recording studio: ‘I’m shy around Damon, because I’ve only just got past the dribbling phase to where I can actually talk to him, but he’s always really supportive.’ He shifts uncomfortably.

‘I don’t want to bang on about him because he’ll think I’m weird.’ Born Jordan Cardy to Bret, a welder, and Miriam, a hairdresser, he grew up in Chelmsford, Essex.

Bei dem Song „Halleluja Money“, den Benjamin Clementine singt, wollte ich ursprünglich auch noch Rick Ross dabei haben.

Der hätte dem Stück eine ganz andere Wendung gegeben, es wäre interessant gewesen, diese beiden Seiten zusammenzubringen.

Mir war anfangs auch noch gar nicht klar, mit wem ich zusammenarbeiten würde.

Ich hatte 40 oder 50 Leute im Kopf, mit denen ich gern mal kollaborieren wollte.

And he was once fired from a Wetherspoons kitchen for being ‘hopeless’. ‘He says he’s bringing you a present.’ Sure enough, when Rat Boy, 20, bounces into the room in a dark hoodie, his rucksack slung low, he’s clutching a Banksy-like drawing of an arm holding a revolver that he’s made as a gift.

So it’s no surprise he’s an hour late for our interview at a café on Portobello Road. He apologises — a lot — and asks to be called Jordan.

His stage moniker comes from a nickname given to him at school.

‘I had a girlfriend and she dumped me because she said she didn’t want to go out with a rat.

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