Cygwin updating

I used to spend a lot of time going through all the packages, trying to decide if someday it might be useful.This just takes up more space, and more time later when upgrading.You can write a simple batch script to do the automatic updates for you. echo ====================================== echo Updating all cygwin packages... --no-desktop --no-shortcuts --no-startmenu --quiet-mode echo. echo ====================================== echo Update finished.

Actually, it could take more than 5 minutes, if there are slow downloads.

You need to approve the Windows installer warning as you do with every manual install / update as well.

So it's not a no-click update but a one-or-two-clicks update.

Then drop the following batch file as Once you start the batch (e.g.

by double-clicking from Windows Explorer) it will download the latest installer from and perform a silent update.

apt-cyg provides a command-line package manager that you can use to install tools without using the GUI installer.

However, I didn't see a way to update the existing tools.

Actually, it's the same way you _install cygwin_ ..

Just faster because you don't have to download as much.

I use Cygwin on my Windows machine to get access to all the wonderful Linux tools like grep, wget, etc.

One problem with Cygwin is you have to run it's GUI installer again manually each time you want to add tools or update the ones you already have.

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