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Most state governments have policies that influence school district consolidation.

The most common form of policy is a state aid program designed to encourage district reorganization, typically in the form of consolidation, by providing additional money for operations or capital projects during the transition to the new form of organization.

Examples of the School Code are found at the end of this chapter.

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John Yinger (left) and William Duncombe, both professors at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, have studied the economics of size in public education.

Photo by Candi Patterson/Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University The aid bonus from consolidation can be quite large.

It has taken almost 200 years to establish school districts as they appear now.

Among the major proposed changes, Badams said: The number of Erie high schools is very likely to drop from four to two.

The United School District encompasses approximately 131 square miles (340 km).

The district serves the borough of Armagh and the townships of Brush Valley, Buffington, East Wheatfield, and West Wheatfield.

Thomas Kalinyak, Director of Finance (2014) Tammy L Tuccarello, former Business Manager (2011-2013) salary ,400 (2012) Karl J Olschesky, former Business Manager (2009) Mrs.

Patricia Berezansky, Director of Education, Salary ,550 (2012) Patrick Noel, Director of Special Services salary ,960 Karen Spadafora, Director of Special Education Clay Skedel, Supervisor of Maintenance Scott Mc Cully, Director of Food Service ARIN Intermediate Unit 28 - Managed Technology Services United School District is a small, rural public school district headquartered in East Wheatfield Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, United States.

In New York, consolidating districts may receive an increase in their basic operating aid of up to 40 percent for five years, with declining increases for an additional nine years.

On top of this aid, consolidating districts also may receive a 30 percent increase in building aid for projects initiated within 10 years of consolidation.

Central Career & Technical School and Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy would remain open as high schools, and would also house students who now attend East and Strong Vincent high schools.

The two remaining high schools would become "magnet schools" that would offer programs to which students would apply.

School district consolidation is a striking phenomenon.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 117,108 school districts provided elementary and secondary education in 1939-40.

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