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The conflation of football and religion was as normal as the smog-filled air we breathed. My normal position in the Copeland was immersed in a sea of arseholes, some of whom came over on ferries from Northern Ireland to spew out unspeakable bile at anyone stupid enough not to be wearing a Rangers strip or scarf. Either they just looked at me and shut up or it got very unpleasant as they questioned my than I did watching my team play. But even then I still supported Rangers as an armchair fan.I grew increasingly uncomfortable with the songs, the chants and the hate. Then something happened that changed my attitude totally. At first, like my dad, I assumed the boy was going to be a Ranger. There was no way I was going to take him to a game and spend endless hours explaining to him that what his fellow fans were belting out was just seemed more and more pathetic.

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The most important thing I would ever ask a student is ‘why do you want to study my subject, and why do you want to do it at my university?This caused me a bit of confusion at school, because some of my family were “Tims”. I remember asking him why he still was a Rangers man if he disliked the whole Proddy/Tim thing that went with it.In fact my favourite aunty was a convert to Catholicism and was as devout and decent a Catholic as you will ever meet. I accepted this dichotomy for quite a few years, or at least until I started attending Ibrox on my own and watched the rampant cretinism happening around me. More than once I pulled up someone sitting next to me about the stuff they were bellowing.Don't miss all our advice for Ucas Clearing 2016 – plus our student blogger reveals what it's really like to go through Clearing.When calling a university, the conversation could just involve a confirmation of your grades and that there's a place still available with your name on it.NEWSFLASH: You won’t need your passport to ski in Scotland this winter (if you’re British)!Scotland’s five ski centres offer a very different experience to mainstream Europe, but one which – given the right conditions – can be thoroughly enjoyable.There’s a whole lot of information below, ranging from travel advice to specific recommendations for each of Scotland’s five main resorts.To find your way around a little more easily, click the Table of Contents below to expand it, and then click on any subheading to jump right in.By far the largest carnivore in its environment, Tyrannosaurus rex was most likely an apex predator, preying upon hadrosaurs, armoured herbivores like ceratopsians and ankylosaurs, and possibly sauropods.Some experts, however, have suggested the dinosaur was primarily a scavenger.

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