Check group policy is updating

I will be making extra blog postings about the trip, so stay tuned for details.If you are anywhere near where we will be, I encourage you to catch up with us.Enabling this policy setting removes access to Windows Update features for the specified user, but Automatic Updates still checks for updates for the computer and does not notify users with this policy set. I had a bit of trouble finding the "Computer Configuration" node, but searched and found that I needed to be looking at the "Local Group Policy Editor" as opposed to "Group Policy Management".Also, I want to leave Windows Update functionality enabled, but I want to specifically disable the automatic update capability.As an upgrade and to make things more managable I decided to turn the file server into a domain with active directory and DNS capability.Ive got a group policy with folder redirection to a share on the server.Occasionally, I make a change to Group Policy on the network, and I want to force the policy to update on all the computers.

And you'll find "Computer configuration" there. Please note: all local settings (you specified with "Local policy editor" on any workstation/member server) will be replaced with domain policy settings.Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, shows how to force a domain-wide update of Group Policy by using Windows Power Shell. Well, tomorrow, the Scripting Wife and I leave for a three-week European Windows Power Shell tour.We will be doing five Windows Power Shell user groups and meeting with over a dozen Windows Power Shell MVPs, and other people from the Windows Power Shell community.You can specify an update rate from 0 to 64,800 minutes (45 days).If you select 0 minutes, the computer tries to update user Group Policy every 7 seconds.Instead of logging into each computer, I would like to find a way to disable Windows Update on each computer in the domain from a single location (e.g., the domain controller).The domain controller runs Windows Server Standard 2008.In addition to background updates, Group Policy for users is always updated when they log on.By default, user Group Policy is updated in the background every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes.To specify that Group Policy for users should never be updated while the computer is in use, select the Disable background refresh of Group Policy policy.This policy also lets you specify how much the actual update interval varies.

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