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“The rule is a good idea because it provides men’s basketball student-athletes the opportunity to test their dream of going beyond the stage of amateurism into the professional level without completely sacrificing their collegiate career, should they find they are not as prepared as they had hoped for the next level,” said Cody Mc Davis, a member of the Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee.

A recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado who will enter law school at the University of California, Los Angeles, this fall, Mc Davis helped craft the new rule.

These regulations apply to all athletic activities sponsored by the KSHSAA.

A popular former Mark Keppel High School girls’ basketball coach was arrested Thursday and booked on allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a girl on the team he coached, police said.

To receive certification from the Eligibility Center, you must meet the following requirements: Students enrolling in college July 2016 or earlier: To be cleared by academically, all students must register with the Eligibility Center at complete all release forms provided.

In addition, you must contact your current high school, and any additional high schools you have attended, to send an official high school transcript demonstrating proof of attendance and graduation.

If you are an individual who has begun classes for the 9th grade, or if you are a student enrolled at a preparatory school or a two-year college, then you are considered a "prospect." The following information will help you answer any questions you may have about playing for the Crimson.

What Do I Need To Do To Be Eligible To Play On A Harvard Intercollegiate Athletic Team?

Coaches may supervise an open gym, but no sport-specific instruction may be given.

Prospective Student-Athletes Thank you for your interest in Harvard Athletics.

Beginning July 16 through July 29 basketball coaches are restricted to working with no more than 3 students who initiate a request for individual help/coaching instruction from their coach.

Basketball coaches may no longer coach their players in leagues/tournaments.

“(The rule allows) student-athletes to realize their dreams without punishing them for having such dreams.

Almost every men’s basketball student-athlete has dreamt of playing in the NBA.

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