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And for the last six decades their numbers have been dwindling alarmingly. In a city of 15 million people they have been the object of fascinated interest, and have been written about over and over again.And perhaps because there are barely a handful of Armenians in the rest of the country, people outside of Kolkata know little – if anything at all – of their existence.

Prostitution and sex tourism are legal, but operating a brothel is prohibited and engaging in other forms of pimping are punishable by one to 10 years’ imprisonment.In 1915, the decaying Ottoman Empire launched a pogrom against eastern Turkey’s Armenian population, falsely accusing them of supporting a Russian invasion.Orthodox Christians who played a big entrepreneurial role, the Armenians had always been distrusted inside the Ottoman Empire.The shopkeepers know nothing about the community that once, along with the Portuguese and the Jews, thrived here. “Machhuaara toh kya, ek macchli bhi nahi milegi,” a shopkeeper laughs.Others shake their heads, mumble something about times gone by and point us down the lane, to the other side of the main road.And only after you wade through murk and more crowds, and reach its imposing gates, do you get the first glimpse of the Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth, built in 1724 on an old Armenian burial ground.There was a time, we are told, when Armenians “ran the city”.And this small community – a few thousand strong at the time of Independence – was at the helm of Calcutta society.Kolkata is the last surviving home to Armenians in India.In Soviet years Yerevan underwent massive reconstruction, following Alexander Tamanyan's (the architect) new plans to make a perfect city - a Neo-Classical wide-avenues-based town resembling Paris, Vienna and Saint Petersburg.Central Yerevan is a true jewel of early Soviet architecture.

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