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However, the spirit of Antioch lives on at Gettysburg College, where “continuing and active” verbal consent is required for all “sexual” activity, which at Gettysburg ranges from “patting” and “hugging” to, presumably, whatever use can be made by college students of the aforementioned “props/toys/tools.” There are undoubtedly myriad reasons why Antioch is closing its doors.

But enrollment, which was down to 300, certainly couldn’t have been helped by the fact that it had a policy so absurd that it gained a reputation for treating all of its students as potential sexual predators.

The effort to find a Lucianic recension must be regarded as a failure." (Dictionary of Early Christian Literature, pp. Bhm writes, "Finally, the Ekthesis of the Antiochene Enkainia synod (341) is regarded as a confession of Lucian that either goes back directly to Lucian and uses a baptismal creed of Lucian, or at least can be traced back to Lucian through literary criticism.

Against this theory is the fact that in the pre-Arian period there were no local baptismal creeds.

Additionally, analysis performed both by Antioch and the DWR indicates that the operation of the 2016 Agreement between CCWD and the DWR could potentially result in worsening water quality at Antioch.

These new potential impacts on the City’s water supply are not mitigated by the City’s 1968 Agreement.

Only time will tell, but really, haven’t policies like these claimed enough victims?

The new city soon became the western terminus of the caravan routes over which goods were brought from Persia and elsewhere in Asia to the Mediterranean.

Antioch’s strategic command of north-south and east-west roads across northwestern Syria greatly contributed to its growth and prosperity in ) and possessed magnificent temples, theatres, aqueducts, and baths.

France allowed the town and surrounding area to rejoin Turkey in 1939.

Remarkably few remains of the ancient city are now visible, since most of them lie buried beneath thick alluvial deposits from the Orontes River.

Nevertheless, important archaeological discoveries have been made in the locality.

Excavations conducted in 1932–39 in Daphne and Antioch uncovered a large number of fine floors from both private houses and public buildings.

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Large fragments of it are extant in the writings of St. Lucian extended his textual criticism to the New Testament also, but limited it most probably to the four Gospels." (Patrology, vol. But the sources (especially Eusebius and Philostorgius) do not say this. But the theory of an influence of Lucian on Arius must be abandoned.

Bhm writes, "Lucian is often said to have been the founder of Antiochene exegesis by making a literal interpretation of the scriptures. In almost a vicious circle, the theories seek to derive from Arius and other "Lucianists" a doctrine of Lucian that they then apply as a means of determining the views of Arius.

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