Android widget textview not updating

I have an Activity class that is an observer of another that receives messages.

In my Activity's on Create I do the following and it works fine. I'm using the debugger and catching breakpoints I've set there.

public class Widget2 extends App Widget Provider { private static final String SCROLL_LEFT = "widget2.

SCROLL_LEFT"; @Override public void on Update(Context context, App Widget Manager app Widget Manager, int[] app Widget Ids) @Override public void on Receive(Context context, Intent intent) private void update Current Widget(Context context, int app Widget Id) // action = the String that you get from your intent in the on Recive() method // id = the id of the app Widget instance that you want to update // you can get the id in the on Receive() method like this: // int id = Int Extra(App Widget Manager.

But my text view is not getting updated, though my log statements giving me the result.

Android Studio 1.3 and later provides support for data binding as described in Android Studio Support for Data Binding.

The event handler thread (which calls methods lifecycle methods like on Click) always needs to return quickly.

Text View; public class TActivity extends Activity implements On Click Listener Not a direct answer, but the counter method does something bad: it keeps the event handler thread from returning.

This document explains how to use the Data Binding Library to write declarative layouts and minimize the glue code necessary to bind your application logic and layouts.

The Data Binding Library offers both flexibility and broad compatibility — it's a support library, so you can use it with all Android platform versions back to Android 2.1 (API level 7 ).

Just launching Counter1() from on Create results in a ui with no Buttons or Text View. You can still cause the UI to be updated from code running in other threads. So, if you have any more links that provide insight into Android threading, or books, I would appreciate it.

Removing the loop makes everything else, start Text("Press to Stop");, work. I was attempting to get something looping in the main thread (affecting the ui) and then loop something else in a separate thread that would also affect the ui. You just need to give the OS a chance to update the GUI, and that means returning from the event handler thread quickly. I'm not asking you to do any work; just what might easily come to mind.

I created a simple home screen widget that displays names generated from a database.

I added a button to refresh the name in the Text View, but the problem is the widget does not update.

This my Widget class: I used a Toast message in the example and when I click the button the Toast message appears with a different name every time so everything is working well except the change in the Text View in the widget.

Okay, I was able to figure out a timer earlier, but now I'm having another problem So, when I call this function called "get Next Quote();" the first time in on Create() it updates and gets a random quote and displays it perfectly, however, when I try again, in on Resume(), it doesn't refresh for some reason.

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