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With this album, the band's sound became more condensed and less classical influenced, oriented more towards thrash metal and a harsher sound than previous albums.The keyboards were toned down as the guitars took hold as the more predominant instrument.The drums don't feel particularly strong, neither do either of the guitars.I'd like to say that this song is a one-off, but the whole album feels pretty much the same, from 'Shovel Knockout' (where you'd expect almost raw death metal) to 'Was It Worth It?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your wont happen.. I would like to add Jake E lee to the list Oh I just thought of someone else also. There's major passion and respect to past/fallen guitar heroes recorded on 'Live at Budokan'.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I think thats everyone's dream tho.but, heres top 3:1) Dave Mustaine2) Alexi Laiho [as long as he still did Childen of Bodom on the side] =)3) Karl Logan Quote I'll be impressed when you keep playing, even with a lit cigarette down the front of your pants~~ Reply Talking about playing with a diversion , I remember seeing Jake E lee playing a solo one time while doing a summer salt. And Zakk Wylde is the consummate rock and roll performer.Children of Bodom quickly developed a tag saying that they'd gone to shit after two albums that the public didn't respond to very well.You'd think then that they'd have picked up on the wake-up call that was sent out, but they really didn't with this release. Before having it delivered I had the pickup professionally upgraded to the EMG81 which is the top of the line active pickup for heavy metal. This immaculate ESP Signature series guitar was purchased by me brand new.I was originally planning to use this guitar but upon seeing it in the flesh it was far too beautiful to use and I decided to keep it as a collectors piece.I have only played this guitar a handful of times and it is super fast, sustains like a bell and has unbelievable clarity. It hasn't got one mark on it and has spent it's time in the ESP case it came in (the case is immaculate except for 4 tiny surface pin holes which can't even be seen at first glance). Included is the official Certificate of Authenticity and the original EMGHZ passive/active pickup which can be dropped back into the guitar if desired.A lot of sophisticated technique, but I simply don't groove to Vai's music. Tom Morello is definately one of the most creative guitarists ever...I read an interview with him that really opened my eyes as to how endless his imagination is....The tracks "Sixpounder" and "Angels Don't Kill" are played in drop C (CGCFAD) tuning, which has the 6th (C) string tuned a step lower than the band's usual step-down tuning.The band shot a video for "Needled 24/7", but it ended up being very expensive and did not turn out how the way they wanted.

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