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I wasn’t active in my old religion, but it was only now that I have heard such teachings that are very good. Even as the baptizer was speaking, you will really cry. I was a Catholic but I didn’t anymore attend mass for about a year now. Then when I finally got baptized, all the emotional baggage that I used to carry got lifted.Everything is in the Bible so you will really believe. It’s very touching, and you will really feel different. [Laughs] May the Lord continue to guide them in what they do that they may be able to help many people. I watched the program at times when I didn’t have anything to do. Whenever my husband would watch, I would too and so I saw the beautiful teachings of Bro Eli. I hope that the Lord will always guide them for them to be able to continue in waving the flag of righteousness. Also, I have a son, and I want him to grow up with fear in God. I was actually talking to myself a while ago and asking, “Why is there no more burden? That’s why I know also that all the teachings of Bro. My father has been a member here since I was in elementary. He would always tell us, “I hope that you will someday become members of the Church.” – – – At times when we get together to talk, he shares with us, especially with me, the biblical lessons that he learns. It was the last time we met before I attended the first indoctrination session. As I was looking at my father telling the story, it really left a great impression on me. I said, “For the rest of my life, while I still have hope, I want to learn the teachings of the Bible.” I also want my husband to be here, and my children, as well as my loved ones.

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